Briefing by the Secretary Education Govt. of Balochistan to the delegation of Senior Education Managers Elementary and Secondary Education GoAJK

The Secretary Education Govt. of Balochistan have briefed to the delegation of senior education  managers Elementary and Secondary  Education GoAJK regarding Education Management Information System (EMIS) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) in their Education System. The Secretary E&S Education presented Souvenir to the Secretary Education Balochistan during exposure visit of senior education managers Elementary & […]

Hearing meeting regarding termination notice and slow progress of the contractor M/s Kashmir Pre Engineering construction (KAPEC) in connection with Package V District Kotli.

The meeting was presided over by Project Director and attended by Team Leader consultant Col. Khizer, Mr. Qadir Shakeel M&E Officer Jers Engineering Consultant, authorized representatives Dr. Bilal Malik and Mr. Amjad Malik. Mr. Irfan- Ullah Khan  Deputy Project Director and Mr. Muhammad Javed Procurement Specialist IsDB Assisted Projects also participated in the meeting.