Consultations workshops of Education Management Information System (EMIS) with Education Managers at Divisional level;

At Muzaffarabad Division on 17th May,2018

These workshops has been conducted for “Establishment of Web-based Education Management Information System” in Elementary and Secondary Education Department of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. These consultations will be followed by the preparation of Draft and final System Requirement Specifications, EMIS Prototype for a common,computerized web-based Education Management Information System that would meet the need of all functional units and field formations of Elementary and Secondary Education Department at all levels in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

One hundred (100) representatives of different offices of Elementary & Secondary Education at Secretariat, Directorates, Division and Districts in Azad Jammu & Kashmir attended the Workshops at Mirpur City for Mirpur Division, Rawalakot for Poonch Division and
Muzaffarabad for Muzaffarabad Division.

At Rawalakot Division on 16th May 2018

At Mirpur Division on 14th May 2018


IDB Officer MR.Amir Ghani Mir visited Project Management Unit IDB Assisted Projects AJK;


IDB Officer MR.Amir Ghani Mir visited Project Management Unit IDB Assisted Projects AJK.He was briefed about the current progress on IDB Projects viz-a-viz challenges being faced by the Projects. The IDB representatives assured full support towards Projects and resolution of the bottlenecks very soon.The Project Director shown the strong commitment of his team towards timely completion of the Projects should IDB issues necessary clearances in time. The PD also mentioned that PMU team has done marvelous job so far.he informed that the schools for which PMU received NOC in time last year are completing well before time.